Super Electro – New Collection


Stonebank – Blast From The Past


Feint & Andromedik – I’ll Be There (feat. Cammie Robinson)


TheFatRat – Unity

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xKito Music Channel

This music channel has over 2.5 million subscribers and is considered very popular. If you want your piece of music to be on the channel and internet users can listen to it, you should send them a request on their page. xKito Music is a YouTube advertising and promotional channel for a wide variety of…

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Hundreds of performers all over the world, dozens of festivals with at least one million fans and unforgettable dances. The history of dram-n-base is really interesting and counts almost thirty years. This genre of electronic music began as a branch of hardcore, originally called jungle, and eventually changed beyond recognition. WILD JAMAICAN MUSIC In the…

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Music Genre Electro

Electro is a musical genre that was originally combined with early hip-hop and funk. To create often used Roland TR-808, which set the bit. Some performers distorted the sound, which gave more interest to the compositions. Over time, stylistics have changed and expanded, so it is difficult to compare modern and early music. Some experts…

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Top Music In This Month

The Score – Carry On (feat. AWOLNATION)

Very nice and quality track, which you can listen to everywhere.

Kill The Noise & Feed Me – I Do Coke

This clip will make you feel so good that you’ll be happy to walk for another day. It’s just nectar for your ears. Listen and watch (18+).

BlackGummy – Lullaby

From this music box, just tears your head off, it’s brilliant!).