I love Electro

Music Genre Electro

Electro is a musical genre that was originally combined with early hip-hop and funk. To create often used Roland TR-808, which set the bit. Some performers distorted the sound, which gave more interest to the compositions. Over time, stylistics have changed and expanded, so it is difficult to compare modern and early music.

Some experts believe that the electro went from an outdated disco. What was needed was a dance style that would reflect the trends of street life and make you move. Such groups as Yellow Magic Orchestra and Kraftwerk had a special impact on the formation. The first song, which was held in the classical sense of electro appeared in 1982 and was called Planet Rock. It was written by Arthur Baker and Africa Bambaata. Many artists supported this act and began to create windfall hits.

Sound Features

Disco was dead, and people had to set rhythms for dancing. Therefore, the musicians were looking for an alternative, which they found in electro. The basis of the sound was the Roland TR-808 drama machine, which was used to set the bit. As the technology developed, computers replaced the music technique. This changed the vector and the direction.

Electronic sound set futuristic themes that seemed so distant and incomprehensible to the average person. Vocals were often joint, processed by a vocoder. In addition, a lyrical content with robotic speech was added. By the mid-80s, male vocals were often used in compositions, which added notes of early rap. By the mid-90s, it went into the background, becoming part of hip-hop.

Modern Electro

Electro proved to be mediocre and unpopular with the listener. And it is difficult to separate concepts between hip-hop. However, the direction gave rise to new subgenres, which belong to the third wave of electro. The whole hip-hop took place in 2007 and is associated with such names as Anthony Rother and Dave Clarke. They decided to revive the old style of music by introducing more advanced technologies and popular trends.

Currently, the stage is supported by hundreds of labels and artists of different categories. Among the popular trends we should mention Electrocore with such artists as Dynamix II and Jackal & Hyde, as well as Skweee – a Scandinavian funk. Elements of electro can always be traced in other genres, including in techno, electro clash.