London Calling

Clash, The

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Most Punk Is Parlor Music Compared with This

Genre: Rock
Released: 1979, Epic
Catalog Choice: Sandinista!
Next Stop: Gang of Four: Entertainment!
After That: The Specials: The Specials

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#1 from Robert Ardura, Richmond, Va - 04/05/2012 11:37

The Clash’s “London Calling” is such an artistic statement. From the first listen of “London Calling”, one of the things that struck me was how they could care less about Beatlemania. Back in those times the Beatles were immortals in Rock music and still are even to this day. The next thing that I loved about it was how they integrated reggae sounds and rock into a perfect mixture. They really started something because after them came the Police and bands like Bad Brains and Sublime. While their musical tastes were very admirable so was their politics. They’re very liberal. They wanted peace for all people at all costs right at that moment. There is no conservative viewpoints at all in this record. Overall this is a tremendous album from a band who is not only musically aware but socially aware as well.

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