The Essential Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack

album cover

The Musings of a Character Just Outside the Folk Spotlight

Genre: Folk
Released: 1976, Vanguard
Catalog Choice: Hard Travelin' (Songs of Woody Guthrie and Others)
Next Stop: Fred Neil: Bleecker and MacDougal
After That: Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins

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#1 from Mark Powell, Pennsylvania - 10/13/2010 6:07

I don’t have the sage wisdom and advice that music critics and historians have… But I know this, I grew up listening to Ramblin’ Jack and I learned to play guitar by emulating him. While his playing evokes that of Rev. Gary Davis, and, of course, Woody Guthrie… I believe he was, and still is, an important voice in interpreting folk and blues to those who might not have otherwise heard him. He is a national treasure, one who won’t be with us too much longer.

I would also say that his “Young Brigham” album has huge significance in the history of folk music and how this music was transformed by the young people of the sixties.

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