What Would Woody Say to the AIG CEO???

posted by Tom Moon on November 20, 2008 at 7:00 pm
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What would Woody do?

I’ve been thinking about the “perfect storm” conditions that led to our present economic implosion(s). Wondering what a farmer fleeing the dust bowl would make of “credit default swaps” and the like. Wonder whether the people Woody Guthrie writes about in the songs of Dust Bowl Ballads would even consider our current circumstances to be adverse. Though it’s something of a cliché to look back at the hardships of the old days, in this instance perspective is helpful, particularly given the general twitchiness of the media. Guthrie’s chronicles from that long-gone era offer more than sketches of economic devestation – inside his songs are glimpses of the internal resolve, determination and faith that helped ordinary people survive extraordinary challenges. Perfect for your next rent party.

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#1 from Morgan Henderson, Queens NYC - 12/08/2008 10:38

I know, I know 1000, right - I get it.

But no mention of Neutral Milk Hotel “In an Airplane Over the Sea”?

What gives?

Anyway I bought this as a gift for a friend and it has an awful LOT to offer and he will enjoy it much. But I question that omission.


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