Strange Confluences: Brian Eno Edition

posted by Tom on July 05, 2012 at 4:41 pm
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And now, a moment to celebrate strange confluences.

These seem to happen with striking regularity around the work of Brian Eno – the composer, producer and deep-thinking catalyst behind an enormous amount of creative music. The other night, some longtime friends came over for an evening of listening and wine. I’d cued up a few timely gems, including the longlost minor classic by Paris, Big Towne 2061, with songs by the late Bob Welch. (I blogged about this recently here…). Tony introduced us to the incredible Maria Del Mar Bonet, who will be featured in this space next week.

And my friend Geoff brough his rare vinyl of Eno’s 1974 BBC Sessions, which has a terrifically spirited version of “Baby’s On Fire.” (Audio, which is here, is sure to send you time-travelling back to that shortlived but incredibly rich glam moment).

The very next morning, I logged into the computer and there was a message waiting from Ulysses, the music obsessive who put together the Spotify playlist devoted to selections from 1000 Recordings. He’d just completed another massive playlist, this one celebrating Eno. Was Ulysses listening in to our conversation about Eno as a difference maker and spirit guide? Touched By The Hand Of Eno: 150 Tracks From 150 Brian Eno Recordings on Spotify offers an astounding array of music, from Eno solo recordings to the classic collaborations with Robert Fripp to megaplatinum hits by U2 and Coldplay.

It’s a great starting point if you’re just beginning to dive into Eno’s extra-large catalog, and it’s equally good if you know many of the recordings and just want an Eno soundscape or two to enrich a lazy afternoon. The playlist is plenty comprehensive, but here’s the scary part: There is more, much more, with Eno’s fingerprints on it, just waiting to be discovered.

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