Spotify Let Me Down (Bob Welch Edition)

posted by Tom on June 08, 2012 at 3:14 pm
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When I heard about the death of  Bob Welch yesterday, I went to check Spotify to make sure the recordings he did with Fleetwood Mac -- including the luminous Bare Trees and Hereos are Hard To Find -- were available. Nope!

Then, since Spotify has such a deep catalog, I searched for a group Welch led briefly in the mid '70s -- Paris. They issued two albums on Capitol, and disappeared when Welch dove into his solo career. The second Paris project, Big Towne 2061, offers a series of effusive, tartly-harmonized refrains (sung by Welch with extra reverb) set against terse guitar patterns. It's hardly groundbreaking stuff but it's pretty wonderful throughout. I hear Paris as an influence on the Police, the Cure and other '80s acts. Spotify came up empty again, so here's the entry for Paris.

These records, the work of a true pop craftsman,  are all worth seeking out.

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#1 from Rob Ardura, Richmond,Va - 06/09/2012 7:44

    Hey man, I found this website called Grooveshark. It has the two Fleetwood Mac CDS that you mentioned above.

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