On hearing the new Don Felder song

Today I checked out the new Don Felder song “Fall From the Grace of Love” on


More about the song in a second, but first, an attempt at retracing my thoughts as I typed in that url: Hmmm, doesn’t “ultimate” cancel “classic?” Is this intended to signify a carefully curated pinnacle of classic-ness or something, a more rarified realm? Given the web skills of the AARP set, it’s smart branding: As we type, we know exactly what we will encounter when we arrive – can almost hear Steppenwolf revving “Born To Be Wild” before you hit Enter. No dissonance of consequence there. But then….why would anyone, even a former Eagle, use this classics-celebrating site to debut a new song?

Must be that Felder, who according to his publicist hasn’t shared any new solo music in 30 years, wants to siphon off a little luster from his endlessly-reuniting old band, while gently activating the remaining braincells of those who swooned over “Take It To the Limit.” The new tune has a big hurtling rock refrain and some nice vocal harmony. It asks listeners only to remember, and remember fondly, those sunkissed early ‘70s days when the grace of love referred to human interaction and not some social-media slogan with a “like” button next to it. It’s a perfectly polished retooling of a perfectly idyllic Southern California sound – except where once tequila powered, it now runs on Vegan Toast Sticks.

That said, I'm actually curious to hear the entire album, which is set for release on October 9.

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