posted by Tom on March 12, 2012 at 4:04 pm
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Quick links to some inspirations encountered over the weekend.....

Leonard Cohen: "Show Me The Place" from Old Ideas. (Video here). Not old as in overused, rejected or recycled; old as in meditations on aging. From a wise soul. Critics are calling this album a return to form, but that diminishes it: This is LC on a new tear.

Bad Brains: A Band in DC. Documentary about the long-underappreciated punk visionaries will screen multiple times this week at SXSW. Schedule here.

Nicholas Jaar: Marks/Angles. Found this disarmingly seductive Eno-influenced tune, "Angles," after reading about the electronic musician (and Brown U undergrad) in Sunday's New York Times. Note to cratediggers: That Cartola album on top of the vinyl stack in one photograph is tremendous too.

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