Found Online: Richard Thompson Performing 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

posted by Tom Moon on August 16, 2008 at 3:51 pm
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#1 from Andrea, New York, NY - 08/20/2008 9:40

This is one of my favorite Richard Thompson songs. What a great video - thanks for posting! How does a man with only two hands and one guitar make it sounds like he’s playing two or three at one time? Unbelievable…

#2 from teresa, nashville - 08/28/2008 5:27

i have seen richard thompson perform that song twice in person.  he just keeps getting better and better.  unbelievable indeed…......

#3 from Pam, El Cerrito, CA - 08/29/2008 12:12

I’ve heard this song so many times, in a bunch of different venues and formats, and this is one of the best versions I’ve come across. Thanks!

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