Dept of Who Knew? Legiti a Supertramp Fan…

posted by Tom on June 12, 2012 at 5:51 pm
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Super-attentive readers might remember that for a little while in the early days of this blog, I was posting entries that didn’t make the book – mostly due to my inability to properly capture what was elegant and essential about the recordings.

I was reminded about one of those, Supertramp’s dystopian Crime of the Century, recently when reading Alex Ross’ tremendous blog The Rest is Noise. Writing about new books and several recent academic pieces on composer Gyorgy Ligeti, Ross notes that Ligeti’s record collection included rumba, Balinese ritual music – and the Supertramp albums Crime and Breakfast In America. For me, Breakfast was a watered-down sometimes pandering attempt at hitmaking; Crime, on the other hand, remains an interestingly episodic and thoroughly absorbing work of art rock. I haven’t yet fully warmed to Legiti, but after reading about his listening, I’m determined to check out his compositions anew. As ever, suggestions are welcome….

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#1 from Tony Lanman, United States - 06/26/2012 4:32

I have some suggestions for you.  Early in my classical music discovery period, I really dug his Chamber Concerto.  Also, the pieces that were featured so prominently in Kubrik’s 2001 - Atmospheres and Lux Aeterna.  I would also suggest his piano etudes and his interesting Musica Ricercata.  All very different musical languages than we’re used to, but really cool stuff nonetheless.

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